March 2021

Click below to be taken to Paypal. The fee is $25 per person. If you want to donate a prize in lieu of paying the entry fee, please contact for more information.

**After sending your payment, please request to join the group here: 

If your Paypal name does not match your name on Facebook, please indicate your Paypal payment info in your request to join the group.

Event info:

The Main Event Format:

Welcome to the All Stars event! It is our 10th event and to commemorate this accomplishment we are inviting all of the past main event winners to join in the competition. The main event All Stars category will only be open to past main event/pro winners, however, there will be ways for others to participate (read below). 

Confirmed Participating All Star Artists:

-Sarah Thompson of Bunny Girl Blythe

-Antonio Toronjo Morales 

-Melissa Mehan of Bibarina

-Sandra Coe of Motor City Dolly

-Marieke Geerts of JJDollies

Past Artists Considering:
-Kim Wamper of On the Horizon Dolls

-Lita Chan

-Jessica Scarlett of Dear GirlFace

-Nicole Cayer of Blythe Utopia

-Ilana Sheley of House on Haunted Hill

The Main Event:

The main event will have three different categories The All Stars, Secondary Customization, and Photo Contest. Every member is welcome to enter the Secondary Customization and/or Photo Contest (if you enter both you must submit different photos). 

In the Secondary Customization contest the doll must be customized by the person entering. In the photo contest the doll does not need to be created by you but credit should be given to the artist.

All entries in the main event are due March 31. See calendar on group for more info.


The Details:

-The cash prize for the main event All Star winner is the same as previous events. It is 80% of the total paid membership dues up to $1000 max, minus fees. Winning artist is responsible for sending doll to the winning member, including paying the shipping costs.

-Theme is announced! The theme is "The Future of Blythe". There are no disqualifications for theme interpretation. Voting members are strongly encouraged to vote based on who they think interpreted the theme most creatively, but artists are welcome to interpret the theme however they see fit.

-The doll that wins the main event will be given away to a member of the group (as in all past events). 

-Fakes are not allowed in the main event All Stars. Base dolls must be authentic for the All Stars. Fakes are allowed in the Secondary Customization and Photo Contest.

If you have any questions about the event or competition, please email

Good luck to all!

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