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Casie Websized Branding Portrait 2020-5.


In October 2017 Blythecon Brooklyn was about to take place, and I came to the decision that there was just no way I could logistically make the trip happen. With a heavy heart I sold my ticket. At the time my son was still too young to travel that far easily or affordably, and as a single Mom I had few options.

I'm one of those turn lemons-into-lemonade-types, so I decided to start the first ever online Blythe doll convention. The idea for Blythe vs. Blythe was born from an idea I had the year prior where I thought it would be fun to give two artists the same doll and theme, and see how they customize it differently.

That portion became the "main event", but like other in-person conventions, I wanted to add games, prizes, demos, and community building.


And so I did.

Blythe vs. Blythe is now a community, a family really, of supportive Blythe fans who come together to enjoy the hobby in a positive environment.

Previous Events

Blythe vs Blyhe 1

Occurred: October 2017

Theme: Fall/Autumn

Main Event Artists:

Rachel Harper: Starrytale Dolls

Kim Wamper: On the Horizon Dolls

Main Event Winner: Kim Wamper

Member Winner: Barbera Ploeg


Sewing a Simple Dress for Blythe

Chat with Becca Whitcomb of The Kenner Blythe Guide

Painting Eye Chips

Blythe vs Blythe 2

Occurred: February 2018

Theme: Love

Main Event Artists:

Lita Chan

Stella Molloy: Livvy Snow

Main Event Winner: Lita Chan

Member Winner: Rebecca Irwin


Making Shoes

Chat with Joey Gomez of BlytheInfo Uncensored

Blythe vs Blythe 3

Occurred: June 2018

Theme: Summer

Main Event Artists:

Sally Han Yin: Rainfable

Jessica Scarlett: Dear Girlface

Main Event Winner: Jessica Scarlett

Member Winner: Kylie Mitchell


Getting Started Carving a Custom Blythe

Polymer Sandals

Carrying Case

Making a Straw Hat

Blythe vs Blythe 4

Occurred: November 2018

Theme: Gratitude/Abundance

Main Event Artists:

This event was the first where the format changed. Because Middie Blythe isn't as popular, we allowed anyone to enter a custom doll in the Pro or Amateur categories.

Main Event Pro Winner: Sarah Thompson

Main Event Amateur Winner: Elizabeth Dean

Member Winner: Cherish Olivia Goldstraw Goodwin


Photography Tips


Making Resin Eye Chips

Blythe vs Blyhe 5

Occurred: April 2019

Theme: April Showers Bring May Flowers

Main Event Artists:

Nora Hola

Antonio Toronjo Morales: Papa Toronjo

Lim Xinbi: Moja Dolls

Main Event Pro Winner: Antonio Toronjo Morales

Secondary Customization Contest WinnerLynn Marie: Alter Ego Dolls

Member Winner: Sew Dollish


Sewing a Baseball Cap for Blythe

Stop Motion Video Making

Processing and Wefting Mohair for Wigs

Blythe vs Blythe 6

Occurred: August 2019

Theme: Monster Mash

Main Event Artists:

Eliseo Hayday

Maria Van Bruggen: Blythe Fairy Tales

Marieke Geerts: JJDollies

Drexler Ramos

Main Event Pro Winner: Marieke Geerts

Member Winner: Kathi Litzenberger


Sewing a Monster Suit

Apoxie and Airbrush for Modifications

Making Yarn Wigs


Occurred: January 2020

Theme: Unsolved Mysteries

Main Event Artists:

Ofelia Queen

Melissa Mehan

Main Event Pro Winner: Melissa Mehan

Member Winner: Elise Zanetti


Diorama Making

Crochet Beads

Sewing a Skirt and Cape


Occurred: May 2020

Theme: Forgotten Fairy Tales

Main Event Artists:

Team Challenge

Team Name: Lily Pads 

Members: Heather Dove & Tanna Beth 

Team Name: Mad Hatters 

Members: Maile Lani & Jessica Zehavi 

Team Name: Two-Headed Bunny   

Members: Sarah Thompson & Missy Swanson 

Team Name: Scorpio 

Members: Marieke Geerts, Karyn Jarvis & Nikki Murdock

Team Name: Faeries of New York

Members: Luciana Vasquez & Leif Stark

Team Name: Salty Blythe

Members: Jamie Bird & Kelly Williamson

Team Name: Moja x Neko

Members: Lim XinBi & Patricia Tjokro

Team Name: A Rustle in the Wind

Members: Reggie Ann & Lynn Marie

Team Name: The Moirai Roses

Members: Lanie Heller, Nicole CayerIlana Sheley

Team Name: Custom Crusaders

Members: Lara Nance & Elizabeth Dean

Main Event Pro Winner: Moirai Roses Lanie Heller, Nicole CayerIlana Sheley 

Member Winner: Laurinda Trio

Photo Contest Winner: Leif Stark 


Sewing Socks with Dolly Chan

Etsy Shop SEO with Dolliteful

Pouring Resin with Paislie's Place

Crocheting a Petite Hat with Acorn Dollies

FotoJet (3).jpg

Occurred: September 2020

Theme: First Day of School

Celebrating: Dolls of Color

Main Event Artists:

Everyone was welcome to enter the main event in the categories of Photo Contest, Amateur Customizer or Pro Customizer

Main Event Pro Winner: Sandra Coe Motor City Dolly

Main Event Amateur Winner: Toby Jodrey

Photo Contest Winner: Sara Ricer

Member Winner: Angel Riggs-Austin


Dying Fabric with Natural Dyes Dolly Chan

Sewing a Dress with Maxi Morris

Making Petite Pull Strings with Acorn Dollies

Decoupage Eyelids with The Persnicketie Pixie


Occurred: March 2021

Theme: The Future of Blythe

Celebrating: All Stars

Main Event Artists:

Marieke Geerts JJDollies

Sandra Coe Motor City Dolly

Main Event All Star Winner: Marieke Geerts JJDollies

Main Event 2nd Customization Winner: Elizabeth Dean

Photo Contest Winner: Leif Stark

Member Winner: BeaElle Love


Freezer Paper Patterns with Alter Ego Designs

Doll Size Pottery with Mountains and Clouds

Yarn wigs with Acorn Dollies

Resin with The Persnicketie Pixie

FotoJet (7).jpg

Occurred: January 2024

Theme: It's a Small World

Celebrating: Petite Blythe

Main Event Artists:

Was open to all in the group

Main Event Winner: Sandra Coe Motor City Dolly

Member Winner: Eidolon Poem


Sculpting Teeth with Alter Ego Designs

Sewing Tips & Tricks with Peace Craft Dolls

Resin Molding with Spooky Doll House

Beginner Airbrush with Dolly Pop

Making a Petite Backpack with Motor City Dolly

Makine a Petite Carry Case with The Dolly Lab

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